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Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Bull smoke cigarettes are among the best electronic cigarettes on the market that are equipped with advanced components for ease of use. These electronic cigarette devices have a two-piece design and a long-lasting battery that can last several hours without needing to be recharged. There is a starter kit that comes with Bill smoke electronic cigarettes and it costs $29, 95.

Bull smoke e-cigs come with different flavours that will give you varying taste of the vapour in the cartridge. They have high quality components to make it stand among the best brands of electronic cigarettes. The batteries come in long, short, traditional lengths. The longest battery is called Kentucky, and they are rechargeable in order to power the atomiser that will give vapour to the inhaler. The batteries come in white, chrome, black, and orange. You can find the best deals at so visit their website for a discount.

The starter kit of Bull smoke e-cigarettes comes in two options. There is a Ranch hand starter kit and a City slicker kit. Ranch hand starter kit costs $29, 95. The kit comes with a USB charger for the batteries, the Kentucky (long) battery, the Stubby battery, wall adapter, and 10 atomised cartridges that are available in Turkish Tobacco and American Tobacco flavours that 5 in each. There is a user manual for guidance in a starter kit of Bull smoke.

The lithium batteries of Bull smoke have power of 4.2 watt thus enabling them to last long. They can be recharged on an-going basis in order to keep the device working when needed.

The City slicker kit also costs $29, 95. It comes with a USB charger, wall adapter, user manual, 10 atomised cartridges, Kentucky battery, and the Stubby battery. The cartridge has varying flavours which include, among others menthol and American Ranger.

With the Bull smoke electronic cigarette, you can choose any flavour that you want to inhale from the device. This could give you more reasons to quit a conventional tobacco cigarette if you are in a process of leaving it. Furthermore, you can choose the concentration of nicotine to use in the cartridge. The cigarettes offer flexibility of use to give you a unique user experience.

When coming to the batteries, there is a choice for manual and automatic battery to power up the device so that you can inhale the vapour of your favourite flavour chosen. The batteries are easily recharged through the USB and wall adapter provided in the kit.

Pros of Bull smoke electronic cigarette

• The cigarette has long lasting batteries
• It has different flavours for the cartridge
• It has varying amounts of nicotine
• Has two starter kits to choose from
• Blue smoke e-cig is charged at a cheaper price of $29, 95

Cons of Blue smoke electronic cigarette

• The cigarette has a restricted use by pregnant women and nursing women
• The device has not been proven by the FDA.

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